A Few Words about Me

For thousands of years, the ancient Mayan Indians hand-crafted jewelry from clay and stone. Honoring and taking inspiration from their past, designer Maxie Durel-Crain has taken up the Mayans torch using earth elements to create unique individual pieces. Her earth-element jewelry is hand-sculpted, hand-glazed, and high fired to create the perfect motif for dreamers and free spirits everywhere.

Each piece Maxie creates reflects the design wisdom and acumen of the swell known artisan and further elevates the art of dressing, proving there is no substitute for the personal touch. To add to the fun, there is no way to know in advance the precise design pattern of your jewelry. But of one thing you can be certain, yours won't be like any other. No two pieces are alike. I a word, UNIQUE.

Each piece of jewelry created by Maxie is a visual delight that captures a whole range of moods. Each necklace is a perfect fit because it is easily adjustable and can be worn as a choker or draped and loose.